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What is a Unit Trust?

A Unit Trust is a professionally managed investment scheme which pools together funds for investors with similar investment objectives.

The fund is then put in a diversified portfolio comprising of different asset classes: stocks, bonds, treasury bills, commercial papers, deposits etc. The asset is then overseen and managed by professional fund managers with expertise and experience.

The Gencap Hela Fund

The Gencap Hela Fund is a low risk fund which invests in diversified near cash, interest bearing instruments in the Kenyan market with varying maturity profiles. The Fund serves as a safe parking for cash and provides flexibility equivalent to a call deposit.

Get Paid for Investing

We are excited to announce that by 30th October 2015, if you invest in the Hela Fund you will be eligible to earn a bonus equal to 0.12% of your net asset value. Our low risk, flexible fund will certainly grow your wealth and preserve your initial capital.

Please note the bonus is only applicable under the following conditions:

  1.  Funds must be invested in the fund for at least one year.
  2.  No withdrawals on the principal amount during the one year period.
    However, clients can withdraw monthly interest earned.
  3.  Any top-ups after October 30th 2015* will be eligible for the bonus in the second year.
  4.  After one year the bonus can be reviewed upwards or downwards depending on the performance of the fund.
  5.  Terms and conditions can change at any time.

*Denotes tentative cut-off date.

Key Benefits for Investing in the GENCAP Hela Fund

  • Principal protection: This guarantees security of funds.
  • No transactional fees: No entry or exit fees. The fund charges a 2% management fee per annum but this does not impact the principal amounts invested by individual clients as the fee is charged on the whole fund.
  • Compounded interest: Your interest is reinvested monthly.
  • Liquidity: Given the special liquidity needs, your withdrawal request will be processed and money directly credited to your bank account within three (3) working days.
  • Professional fund management: Investors benefit from expertise of our seasoned professionals who ensure that the fund is managed to maximize returns at minimum risk to the investor.
  • Flexibility of investment: You can Top-up at any time and interest is credited to investor’s account quarterly for investors who roll over and on request, credited to investors’ bank account for investors who need a regular cash flow.
  • Attractive rate of return: Returns on the money market fund are market driven and change from time to time. The effective annual yield is 14.67% and will move with market dynamics. The fund manager endeavors to invest prudently and negotiate competitively to give its customers the most competitive rates possible in the market taking investor’s security of their investment into consideration.
  • No need for opening a bank account: The funds are invested into our custody account held with Chase Bank Kenya Ltd. The funds should be transferred to the fund’s custody account held with Chase Bank Custodial Services is as follows:

Account Name: Gencap Hela Fund A/C
Account No: 0052070154001
Bank: Chase Bank Kenya Limited
Bank Code: 30
Branch: Hurlingham

Hot to join: Documents required

  •  Duly filled application form
  •  Copy of ID/Passport
  •  One passport size photograph
  •  Copy of PIN (TAX) certificate
  •  Proof of payment i.e. cheque, bank transfer confirmation, direct deposit slip, etc)
  •  M-pesa account details
  •  Proof of residence

GENCAP Hela Fund Value Proposition

The Gencap Hela fund continues to rank amongst the top performer in the industry and has a solid track record of offering one of the most competitive returns in the local market since its inception. Our value proposition is embedded in the following key salient points;

  •  Professional investment management coupled with adequate experience.
  •  Flexible arrangement depending on choice of investment plan.
  •  Safety of investment as all funds are managed via a custodian.
  •  We seek to build and cement on our long term relationships.
  •  We price our services very competitively.
  •  We have consistently delivered above market returns since inception.

Comparisons – HELA, Fized Deposit & Savings Plan



Interest Rate (P.A)


Earned (One Year)


Hela Fund

Kshs 50,000


Kshs 6,676

Bank Fixed Deposit

Kshs 50,000


Kshs 4,000

Savings Plan

Kshs 50,000


Kshs 2,000

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