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Please visit our Careers page to explore any current job openings. In the event that there are no vacancies at the moment, you can still submit your curriculum vitae (CV) on the same page for future consideration.

Congratulations on your decision to start investing! To commence investing in shares or our money market fund, we recommend using our G-Kuze application to open an account and initiate trading activities. If you have an interest in our other offerings such as pension plans, derivatives, private wealth management, bonds, or treasury bills, please feel free to send us an email at or contact us at 0709185000.

The interest rate for the GenCap Hela Imara Money Market Fund is published daily in local newspapers and on our official social media platforms at Genghis Capital. The published rate reflects the net value after deducting management fees but before withholding tax. The rate is determined by the performance of the underlying assets daily. Additionally, the funds benefit from compounding interest, which is calculated daily and credited monthly to the client’s account.

For detailed information on transaction fees, we kindly advise you to refer to our Stock Brokerage page, where you will find comprehensive details regarding the charges.

Certainly, you have the option to open a joint account in the Hela Imara money market fund or an account on behalf of a minor. To obtain guidance and assistance in this regard, please reach out to our team at

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