Edward Wachira

Edward Wachira is the Chief Executive Officer. With over 18 years of experience, he is a seasoned professional who drives the overall strategy for the firm at the executive level. Edward has led numerous strategic initiatives, including the expansion of the Genghis Capital Business by introducing the Asset Management arm. Through this initiative, Genghis Capital offers a myriad of products under the Capital Markets and Retirement Benefits sphere, providing clients with various investment opportunities.

In addition to expanding the business, Edward has also steered the innovation drive of the firm. He has automated the Asset Management division through the introduction of Fund Management Systems and a digitized distribution platform called G-Kuze. He has also revolutionized the distribution of money market funds in the industry by partnering with Safaricom to Introduce MALI. This is a money market fund leveraging the mobile money platform M-PESA, making it easier for clients to invest and access their funds. Under Edward’s leadership, the firm has managed to amass an Asset Under Management of USD 15.0 million for the investment management arm, leveraging on a robust distribution network.