Three ways to take charge of your personal finances

Whether you want to build better financial management skills, get out of the quicksand of recurrent debts, or save for actualizing that financial dream, you may require some work and help to achieve that. You can apply several strategies in taking control of your finances and having that incredible security you desire. You may be wondering how to start, but that is what this article is for, so let’s begin.

  1. Savings
    Saving is a vital key to mastering and gaining control of your finances. The goal of saving is to have a cash reserve to take care of emergencies and investments. You can also save to achieve a financial dream. Saving has become accessible in recent times. It is now possible to leave a standing order with your bank to deduct a specified amount of money from your paycheck. There are also products offered digitally to enable you to save. One such product is the GenCap Hela Imara Money Market Fund. This savings product is not a new player in the market and has helped in no small way to make savings easier. How does it work? Gencap Hela Imara money market offers investors the opportunity to invest as low as KES 500 and earn interest higher than what a conventional bank account will offer.GenCap Hela Imara money market fund pools investors’ money together and invests it in low-risk securities in the money market. As a result, investors can rest easy knowing that their money is safe and easily accessible.
  2. Develop a monthly budget
    Developing a monthly budget is one of the easiest ways of taking control of your finances. A monthly budget shows at a glance an individual’s projected income and estimated expenditure for a month. The components of a budget include net income, expenditure, savings, and investment.A good budget will not only help you know the cash flow that comes in monthly but can be a reliable tool for making major financial decisions in the future. Sticking to a budget will also go a long way in ensuring that you meet that financial goal you have always desired. However, if you are just starting, you may experience some difficulties preparing and following through with your budget and may need the help of a financial advisor.
  3. Get financial information
    Knowledge is power. For you to take control of your finances, financial knowledge is essential. It will enable you to know what to do at each stage of your financial journey, how and when to invest, how to budget, and every other thing needed to streamline your finances. It is not just enough to want to gain financial knowledge. You will also need to go to the right place to get this information. Genghis Capital has, over the years, built a reputation as a credible financial institution. Aside from bringing quality investments your way, Genghis Capital gives you access to the diverse financial information that will be useful no matter the point you are in your financial journey at no cost.


Taking control of your finances begins when you decide to take steps to stabilize your finances. The goal is financial freedom which begins by mastering your finances

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